Mind and Body Wisdom

A coaching program for women who want to change their relationship with themselves.

When working with a coach you want results.

I believe in long term results and creating lasting change.

This takes time. It’s a process and it requires patience and practice to change what can be a lifetime of habits.

That’s why our program is specifically designed to help you get to the heart of the matter, with a personalised creative approach that gets you where you want to be.

Creating lasting change takes time. You’ve got this.

How it works.

Behind all our programs are 3 key principles.


We help you identify habits and patterns to break through sabotaging behaviours


We guide you in understanding where you could improve your boundaries to create more space for what you want

Conscious living

We teach you new strategies to help you feel more in control and to create a new philosophy of conscious living.

This program is for you if:

Weight has crept up you and you feel out of control
Highly stressed is your ‘normal’
You lack confidence and self-esteem from weight gain
You want to look in the mirror and feel amazing
You want to develop a more nourishing relationship with yourself
You want to lose the weight that keeps creeping up on you
You regularly emotionally eat
You want to feel happier and more relaxed
You want to gain control of emotionally eating
You want to feel confident, sexy and alive again

Options that work for your life and your budget.

Step 1


For women who need a little help to identify emotional triggers and start breaking damaging habits.

4 x Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions

A comprehensive questionnaire to unpack emotional triggers

Identify emotional eating patterns and subconscious belief systems

Goal Setting for healthier decisions mentally and physically


Step 2


For women committed to getting over the emotional eating roller coaster and stop dieting forever. 

3 months – 6 x 90 minute coaching sessions

Kickstart exercises

Dive deeper into your habits and patterns to breakthrough sabotaging behaviours

Strategies for emotional eating patterns and triggers

Bring more awareness and more self-care into your life

Feel lighter and happier

Identify your value system and start to be more aligned in all areas of life


Step 3

Mind and Body Wisdom

For women serious about taking control and feeling lighter, happier and more confident than ever.

6 months – 12 x 90 minute coaching sessions

Breakthrough exercises

Reconnect to your body’s intuitive signals for no more guilt or regret.

Develop a nourishing relationship to food and a deeper connection to yourself

Feel more in control of your emotions to create healthy boundaries both physically and mentally

A 60 page workbook of exercises and personal journaling prompts to assist you create lasting change



Will I lose weight with this program?

If you are ready to commit to yourself, then weight loss will be something that happens naturally over time.  It’s a commitment to understanding how and why you eat that will help you understand what is working and not working for you. When you start to recognise your patterns, you will automatically start changing how and how much you eat, that will result in weight loss.

Why is there a program for 6 months?

It’s taken a lifetime to develop your habits and patterns, it takes time to understand yourself on a deeper level in order to change these patterns long term for lasting results

How long before I start to see results?

That depends on your commitment to yourself.  Most people don’t see results because they give up on themselves first.  This program is designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself, to understand why your own health and wellbeing is not prioritised over other commitments.  It is an opportunity for you to really prioritise your own self care and underlying stories that hold you back from believing in yourself.

“Since I started working with Lisa I have lost 7kgs, I haven’t dieted but instead have become more in tune with my hunger signals.”


“If you are sick of going around in circles, this will teach you how to find what is truly important to you and how to achieve your goals to get out of the vicious cycle.”


“I have achieved far more than I ever anticipated out of the program. I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time about my body and my overall health and wellbeing.”


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