Yoga Therapy Sessions

All yoga therapists are yoga teachers, but not all yoga teachers are yoga therapists.

Yoga therapy is tailored to the individual to manage your overall wellbeing, recovery or rehabilitation and is designed to complement your existing health plan using yoga as medicine.

A whole person approach from a yoga therapy perspective opens up a new way of thinking about yourself and the world around you.

As a yoga teacher and yoga therapist I work with women who are rushed, stressed out and/or burning out. No one person is the same and having a stressed-out mind and body means you are often on the bottom of your to-do list.

My mantra is

“the best relationship is the one you have with yourself”

and so working with me means that I meet you where you’re at.

What Can I Expect

A recommended yoga therapy approach includes 3 sessions that are around 60-90 minutes and will provide you with individually designed practices and tools for your own healing journey.

Together we design a wellness plan to increase self-awareness, create healthy boundaries and balance your physical and subtle bodies to help you live your life more consciously.

So, let’s start our relationship with a chat about how I can help you.  Book your clarity call today to work out your next best step.  I can’t wait to chat with you.

Introductory Call

Let’s Chat. 
I like to meet where you are at.
Let’s connect and get to know each other a little.



Design Your Personalised Yoga Therapy Program

​Identify where you are at, and design a program to take you to where you want to be.


Implement & Review

Implement your program,
review, tweak and repeat.

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